Painful circumstances and situations that we, as human-beings, govern in our psychology and physiology are gifts wrapped in ugly wrapping paper. A painful experience-no matter the description always has a silver lining. Think of pain as a contender in our ARENA of personal growth. In order to GROW and become a stronger rendition of ourselves we have to first defeat the opponent that lies before us.

Once we beat the opposing party we can reflect and observe exactly what it took to succeed! So, the next time we come face to face with another challenge; we will be ready to rock because we already went through a similar experience. We grew.

That’s the beautiful part about pain; it forces us to see a part of ourselves that we never knew to exist. It is human-nature to want to overcome an obstacle and pain gives us that very opportunity. When we push through a painful moment(s) we automatically advance into a stronger rendition of ourselves thanks to what we just had to go through.We just passed through the struggle tunnel and arrived upon the hills of happiness!