I live a very blessed life. I am blessed with not only one step parent, but two. I like to think of my step parents as those who STEPPED up to the bating plate. They stepped up, stood out and took on the remarkable challenge of loving me. (I’m not easy to love!)

Step parents are the angels the world sent to us while we were busy living life. They come as a blessing in disguise. At first, step parents aren’t typically easily accepted. It’s hard to imagine someone stepping in as a substitution. It’s especially difficult to let step parents into your heart at first glance. However, when you do, all you will reap are the benefits.

Not only do you get to have 4 parents in total (which is rad AF) but you get to watch your biological parents fall in love again. It’s a beautiful concept. But, only you as the step daughter or step son have the power to turn that concept into a reality. Step parents need to feel appreciated, understood, and respected. If you have a good step parent out there, I can guarantee your relationship between the two of you will change and better itself if you follow my 6 golden rules of step childism!

1. Recognize and accept that your biological parents have moved on and are happy.

2. Separate the idea of your step parents replacing your real parents. That is not the case.

3. Celebrate your new step parent by appreciating all their efforts to love you.

4. Meet your step parent half way. Do the dishes when asked, help bring in the groceries.

5. Bond with your step parent one on one. Invite them for lunch, go to a movie, take a drive.

6. Always, always remind your step parent that you do love them.