I’ll clear the air here: I ain’t no parent. However, I still have an opinion on the matter. My opinion is that nurture rules nature. WHY? WHY YOU ASK?! I’LL TELL YA WHY!

Because there’s only so much one can consume through nature. Kids don’t come out the womb saying “poor me” or “give me more!” No, kids come out the womb kicking and screaming and full of that yucky stuff we won’t further talk about.. (gross!)

You see, I believe that kids turn out the way they do based on how they were raised and how they were “nurtured.” Nature doesn’t really play a role in how a kid will turn out. The only thing nature really controls is genetics and parents DNA that you can find within the kid. You know what I mean? You feeling what I’m putting down? You know, the old “Oh he looks just like his mother” kinda shenanigans.  For all  you Smarticals out  there, the fancy terms for what I’m getting at will be outlined in the picture below.

(Not an original image. Image found from: http://www.simplypsychology.org/naturevsnurture.html)