Most people are familiar with the power of saying “no.” But, are you familiar with the power of saying “yes?” There’s a two part component when it comes to the power of saying “yes!” or, “I can do this!”  The first component comes from simply telling yourself that you can indeed do the thing you want to do. Consider even chanting it as a mantra, “Yes. I can and I will do ___”Hell, if you’re feeling extra confident throw a little “Fuck yah! I’mma tear this shit up!” No? Too much? Fineeeeee..

Moving forward, the second component to killing the game of self-confidence comes from what I call, “the follow through.” The follow through is the part where you do as the title suggests, you follow through with whatever you set out to do. The tricky part with the power of saying yes comes from when we start defeating ourselves before we even begin. You know, the moment where mid-way you start to second guess or; maybe you’ve already implemented too many doubts in your head before you even began.

Don’t fall into the self-defeating trap. Negative self talk is depleting. It literally exhausts your abilities and your will to move forward. Every time, you find yourself falling into this trap try and combat your negative self talk with a positive statement. That’s where the true power of saying yes, lies. Instead of saying “No, I’m  not good enough to do this task.” Say, “YES! I can do this to the best of my ability.” Leave it at that, you can only do the best that you can and your best IS good enough.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you follow through with the power of yes:

1. Replace your negative statement with a positive one.
Instead of saying “No, I’m not good enough.” Tell yourself: “Fuck yes, I can do this!”

2. Do the shit that scares you.
Maybe you’ve always wanted to dance in front of an audience to show off your mad dance skills. DO IT. No matter how scary it may seem, you gotta do the thing that scares you in order to grow.

3. Get a mantra. 
“I am able.” “I am good enough.” “I have worth.” I am valuable.” “I am hope-FULL”

4. Start swinging your sword of self-confidence.
Pick up your strengths and turn them into a weapon of mass satisfactory. Fight the living crap out of your doubts.

5. Revamp your life.
Surround yourself with positive reminders and positive people. This is probably the most important step of all. Put happy and positive quotes on your wall or fridge to read everyday. Make it a habit to read and BELIEVE in your mantras. Hell, put an ACTUAL sword on your wall if it reminds you to swing it in a satisfaction for your confidence. (Just don’t hurt anyone okay? I’m not liable!)