It’s important for us as individuals to spend time bonding with family members and friends. It’s especially important to keep continuous connections going with those far and wide. This can be done through phone calls, instant messaging and by mail. There are many people in our lives we should continue to bother bonding with. But, I want to place an emphasis on friendships today. It is extremely important to keep in contact with those who have always been there for you. Those are your friends. Friendships need to be planted, treated and remembered in order to grow.

Friendships are some of the most important intimate connections we could make homie! It’s real important to keep those friends-a-growin’ So if you have a friend out there that treats you right and you two haven’t spoke in awhile. Try picking up the phone and reaching out. I bet they would appreciate it. Also, coffee dates go a long, long way. You can never have too much coffee. PS: Tell your friends you love them. Treat them like family.

Here’s 10 fun ideas you can do to bond with your friends (or family.)

1. Go to the gym together

2. Go to trampoline world

3. Travel together

4. Road-trips

5. Dog parks!

6. Have a movie marathon

7. Go to the zoo

8. Go to the beach

9.Go to a haunted house

10. Experience a concert together