A contradiction is a manifestation that actually helps define our growth. Whenever we begin to contradict ourselves it typically is a sign that we’re  going through an emotional grow spurt. It literally means that down the line our opinion or idea, has changed; and whether that change is a good one is neither here nor there. The concept is that a contradicting thought or attitude may inflict upon your personal development as a human being. Deciding whether you like or dislike this personal road to a new you is totally within your reach.

As long as you’re not turning into a douche canoe whilst contradicting yourself, you’re probably doing alright. Contradictions are meant so that our ideas can grow and exteriorize into something fresh. That ultimately makes our personality regimen, stronger. That’s fucking awesome.

So, next time you have a contradicting thought or idea, I dare you to take note of it and then investigate how your mentality has adjusted. This type of investigation is crucial to you becoming the best version of yourself. In order to figure out the key components of who we are we need to stop and evaluate the situation and then move forward.