Self expression is a tool that lets our authenticity shine. Opposite to its opposing party, self expression matches the inner desires to be who we really want to be.

But how do we self express when we are told from a young age to just fit in? To just be mundane and “normal?” Repression is a grave cunt. In order to express you must first remove the repression. The most definitive way to manage and neglect repression is to starve it out. Don’t feed into it or you will lose your most authentic self.

Authenticity is a design that comes from within. Designate yourself to a lifestyle of self expression and you will be swept away by greatness. Be bold, question everything, never back down from your right to express and navigate your own life.

Here are 4 keys to becoming the most authentic you that you can be:

1. Never lose sight of what makes you different from the rest of the group.

2. Always endeavour in something artistic that shows your abilities and your expressions.

3. Dream with your eyes wide open. Turn your life into something worth dreaming over.

4. Never back down from yourself. Present yourself in such a way that your very presence demands attention.