I recognized that your heart has been broken for some time now. I know, it wasn’t just from that last relationship but from every relationship and every road you left unraveled. Let me understand: your gifts were wrapped too tightly for anyone to break open and set free. Your spirits are in shambles and your soul has been mistreated, leading you down a path of dysfunction and fear.

Don’t you think it’s time to turn the tides?

You’re in control now. Actually, you were in control from the very start you just got a little lost along the way.

It happens to the best of us.

Everything is going to be alright from here-on-in. If you are ready. Taking the grips back on your battlefield is going to take a lot of guts and a large mental capacity. But I believe you can do it. It all begins by looking within and seeing your true reflection looking back at you in the mirror. That light in your eyes didn’t wash away. The sparkles are still there; just slightly dimmer.

Grab a hold of yourself and find the deep-seated roots to all your dreams. You are the one that planted them after-all. Live this life with one foot in front of the other and focus on today. Consider each day a gift from the universe and take everything easy. Re-frame your perspectives and fail to re-visit the dwellings of your past mistakes and misfortunes. There truly is no time like the present.

Your goals are achievable all that needs to happen is for you to break them down into some smaller components. Target small short term goals right now. Tackle the shit out of them before jumping waist deep into the larger pools of your fortitude.  A wise man once said “a lifetime is not lived in one day.”

You need to confront your fears head on there, beauty. Nothing worth having was created in one day. Not our children, our homes, our careers nor our relationships. Everything takes time. Don’t stress about the long-term because the long-term is not here yet. Place the spotlight on you, on you here! Right now, whilst reading this. This is your runway. Your catwalk. Your life. Re-visit the memories of yesterday but do not stay there for you will lose the path that desires to be walked today. 

Two-step your heart back into this dance that you call your life. You’ve got this, street fighter.