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Poem: Abused 

Memories tear at the solitude of my illusion
Defused and bruised, deterioration
Experience the depths of an abused delusion
Indulge in the mind at the pits of me.


Mental Illness+Self Care

Mental illness is the invasion of your mental stability by a lack of chemical imbalances and control.

Self care is the act of caring for ones self through a system of individual treasures.

Why did I string these two particular topics into one marvelous creation? For your soul benefit of course! This is going to be some serious food for the soul, for the spirit. Mental illness is a discovered damager. It damages your entire being. It hinders your growth, your abilities and your overall well being.. (IF YOU GIVE IT THE POWER TO.) There is no blatant cure for mental illness. But that does not mean there isn’t any hope. (YOU MUST GIVE THE POWER TO YOURSELF.) With the right amount of self-care, will-power and spirituality anything is possible.  I am living proof, a victim of mental illness myself, and I am here to tell you that the skies are the limit for you. 

If you aren’t already familiar with the ART of self care then you have come to the right place. Mental illness and self care should always go hand, in hand. Caring for one’s well-being is and should remain an inside job; it should be something we all aim to act upon. With the proper self care and the proper attitude you can achieve greatness. You can survive. You will flourish. You are good enough. Self care is our “cure.” Self care is the appreciation we deserve. It’s the abundance of love that we’ve been longing for. It’s the hug we need from our friends. I’m telling you right now that if you start a self care program, a routine, a schedule and stick to it, stick to you.. you will make it. You will achieve great things.

Here lies 17 self care tips and options! :

Speak to a general practitioner about how you are feeling on a regular basis.

Take your prescribed medications and take them to the degree that works for you. – If you don’t like looking at a bottle of pills try decorating the bottle, try moving your pills into something cuter, something prettier! Make a “self help jar” (I’ll teach you in an upcoming video!)

Involve yourself in creative expression, make whatever it is you love into an ART.

Leave little reminders around your environment that clue you into loving yourself. – I have window stickers with positive quotes I read every single morning to start me off for a good day.

Eat healthy balanced meals – better nutrition = lower stress levels = healthier, more mentally stable you.

Incorporate balance into  your lifestyle – allow yourself to feel all emotions fully. Feel anger, and feel joy in the same way.  Do it with EXPLOSION, do it with pride.

Engage yourself in a healthy exercise at least 3 times a week. – You need to get your heart pumping again. Dance, do cardiovascular activities, lift heavy weights really fast. Please: you literally need to pump and circulate newer, warmer blood into your body to feel alive again because you are depressed. Your heart needs it. You need it.

Take something ugly and make it beautiful again. – If you’re like me and you hate seeing reminders of your illness around you. Transform those reminders into something beautiful. I have a book about anger management that I hate the title. I hate reading it. So I reworded the book and now it’s tolerable. 🙂

Incorporate colour into your life. – Wearing bright colours or looking at bright colours will help you grow a positive vibe. Dark colours typically remind me of bad things because of my illness therefore I like to buy things that are bright. I have a fricken rainbow armband tattoo because it’s so vibrant and full of pride. It reminds me to smile. It also is a representation of my spirit.

Laugh often! – Watch funny videos on YouTube, watch your favourite comedian perform, god see them live! Make funny videos, prank your friends, prank your parents! Hell prank anyone! Just laugh.

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. – Eat the right nutrition, sleep when you’re tired, rant and rave to let things out of you, repeat the process.

Marry yourself. –  Commit to loving yourself for one full year. Just one year. Maintain your self care lifestyle for one full year and review the positive changes.

Get a belief system – You need to believe in something even if it’s yourself. Be your own goddamn superhero. Pick yourself up and get back into the fucking race.

Pick a spiritual path – Give your life meaning by picking a spiritual path that reaches your own heart and that motivates your spirit, your soul. If you love fitness, make that your spiritual path. Make it your passion.

Make and spread eternal love. – Be kind, do kind things and karma will reward you.

Write a list of your positive qualities.- Read it daily.

Get a mantra – “I am strong enough.” “I am smart enough.” “I am giving enough.”





Poem: Wind and Worries

With the power of the wind
Her betrayal rises to the surface
While the rivers tide exclaims
The courtesy goes astray
Murder the lances
Revive the distortion
Hearts bleed between the blind

Poem: Nervousness Instilled

An epilogue of two tongues tide
From sorrows where I  often reside
An expression of self-loathing and secrete
The still beating heart of a love now gone
Relentlessly pushing, rapid, fire
Two hearts caught up in one desire
Sex, aggression, spite
Strung together upon one ill night
A murderous conflict hit the surface
Love broke up and I fell nervous.

Love and junk.

Now I’m not saying I’m an expert of love. Maybe I’m expert of being out-of-love. Is that a thing? It is today! Here’s your not-so-expert advice! Love comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some people love their mom, others love their cat, or both! But I would hope the love you have for your furry friend is different for the love you have for your mom. (Yuck)

The type of love I want to focus on today is the intimate love one holds for their other half.
It has always been my belief since a young age that love is part involuntary emotion and part choice. The emotional aspect or as I like to refer to it as: the lame stuff comes almost immediately. Y’know that lame old shit where you get stupid butterflies and rosey cheeks and all that kindergarten BS.  Okay so you’re emotional towards someone. What’s next?

The choice is next. Here’s the part where your effort and your heart truly comes into play. You make the deliberate decision to love the person you’re with. You gotta damn well do the thing that makes you fall into love and you keep on doing it. If you’re in love with her laugh, it’s your job to keep her laughing. If you’re in love with her smell, you breathe her in daily. Effort and loving someone is a choice. You choose to do the thing that keeps you in love. If you stop doing the thing? Guess what? Your relationship crumbles and oh look Sally’s banging the next broad in line because you let yourself fall out of love.

“But Des, what happens if the emotions start to fade?” Ah, my friend. The emotions that were once there will continue to surface as long as you’re putting in your efforts. Say you’re in love with your girls smell. Maybe she smells like some sexy perfume and it gets you all worked up.. your heart starts pounding, your hands start to sweat. Okay, so on her birthday or for Christmas, you buy her the perfume and keep breathing it in. It’s not really rocket science unless you make it that way.

In order to stay in love you need to do the thing that keeps you falling in love or you’ll be hooped. 

Here’s 5 hilarious tips on remaining in love/not fucking it up/not moving too fast/ okay they’re just funny things I want to write.
(This from a complete relationship failure.. you’re welcome!) :


1. Spontaneously touch her boobs. Bitches love boob touching.
I’m kidding. Kinda. Touch her boobs but y’know do it with love in your eyes. Let the emotions flow through you. (Easy, tiger)

2. Keep them on their toes- tell them you love them on the first date!
Don’t fucking do this. Don’t be dumb now. This is a huge mistake hahahaha… ha. Embarassing.

3. Do the thing, to do the thing.. 
Grasp the concept of love right away by also grasping her butt. Butt touching is an intimate love affair. Warning: spontaneous ass smacking may leave you with a bruised face or ball, just saying.

4. Throw food into her mouth when she’s not looking.
This is a guarantee for boom town. Women love when you randomly fill their stomachs..
(I’ll just leave that there… LOL)

5. Pull her off the bed mid sleep.
This is a surefire winner winner.  You know, most women really love being woken up and thrown to the floor. It’s like a inanimate aphrodisiac.


Self Expression vs Repression

Self expression is a tool that lets our authenticity shine. Opposite to its opposing party, self expression matches the inner desires to be who we really want to be.

But how do we self express when we are told from a young age to just fit in? To just be mundane and “normal?” Repression is a grave cunt. In order to express you must first remove the repression. The most definitive way to manage and neglect repression is to starve it out. Don’t feed into it or you will lose your most authentic self.

Authenticity is a design that comes from within. Designate yourself to a lifestyle of self expression and you will be swept away by greatness. Be bold, question everything, never back down from your right to express and navigate your own life.

Here are 4 keys to becoming the most authentic you that you can be:

1. Never lose sight of what makes you different from the rest of the group.

2. Always endeavour in something artistic that shows your abilities and your expressions.

3. Dream with your eyes wide open. Turn your life into something worth dreaming over.

4. Never back down from yourself. Present yourself in such a way that your very presence demands attention.

Food for Thought:

A contradiction is a manifestation that actually helps define our growth. Whenever we begin to contradict ourselves it typically is a sign that we’re  going through an emotional grow spurt. It literally means that down the line our opinion or idea, has changed; and whether that change is a good one is neither here nor there. The concept is that a contradicting thought or attitude may inflict upon your personal development as a human being. Deciding whether you like or dislike this personal road to a new you is totally within your reach.

As long as you’re not turning into a douche canoe whilst contradicting yourself, you’re probably doing alright. Contradictions are meant so that our ideas can grow and exteriorize into something fresh. That ultimately makes our personality regimen, stronger. That’s fucking awesome.

So, next time you have a contradicting thought or idea, I dare you to take note of it and then investigate how your mentality has adjusted. This type of investigation is crucial to you becoming the best version of yourself. In order to figure out the key components of who we are we need to stop and evaluate the situation and then move forward.

Poem: Once upon a season

We fell in love while snowflakes kissed our noses

I didn’t know that eventually my favourite flowers would soon become roses

As winter faded and spring took its turn

I found myself without your yearning

Whiskey kisses the places your lips once sat

I’ve been celebate for six lonely months now

Celebacy has taught me to love myself

Something you’ve never done

I had the bullets but you held the gun

You pulled the trigger and unleashed the wounds

And all I did was sit and swoon.

Poem: The Poison

The venom runs down my veins.

It makes me gasp for breaths of air

I lose control of my senses

And I taste you again.

And I can’t stop.

It’s the poison that keeps calling my name

And I cower upon your arrival

Call me pathetic,  desperate and doomed

For I loved you as I did bloom

Now the taste is just betrayal

While I sip whiskey and peach ale.

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