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This site is all about redefining ordinary writing styles by implementing aspects of comedy.

First blog post: the introduction

I started this blog to draw the attention of readers who; enjoy reading original ideas that are met with a bit of a comedic background. I really want this blog to remain open minded and to reflect who I am as not only a writer, but, as a human-being. Consider it the beginning of an implicit adventure.

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The spirit of the heart:

I recognized that your heart has been broken for some time now. I know, it wasn’t just from that last relationship but from every relationship and every road you left unraveled. Let me understand: your gifts were wrapped too tightly for anyone to break open and set free. Your spirits are in shambles and your soul has been mistreated, leading you down a path of dysfunction and fear.

Don’t you think it’s time to turn the tides?

You’re in control now. Actually, you were in control from the very start you just got a little lost along the way.

It happens to the best of us.

Everything is going to be alright from here-on-in. If you are ready. Taking the grips back on your battlefield is going to take a lot of guts and a large mental capacity. But I believe you can do it. It all begins by looking within and seeing your true reflection looking back at you in the mirror. That light in your eyes didn’t wash away. The sparkles are still there; just slightly dimmer.

Grab a hold of yourself and find the deep-seated roots to all your dreams. You are the one that planted them after-all. Live this life with one foot in front of the other and focus on today. Consider each day a gift from the universe and take everything easy. Re-frame your perspectives and fail to re-visit the dwellings of your past mistakes and misfortunes. There truly is no time like the present.

Your goals are achievable all that needs to happen is for you to break them down into some smaller components. Target small short term goals right now. Tackle the shit out of them before jumping waist deep into the larger pools of your fortitude.  A wise man once said “a lifetime is not lived in one day.”

You need to confront your fears head on there, beauty. Nothing worth having was created in one day. Not our children, our homes, our careers nor our relationships. Everything takes time. Don’t stress about the long-term because the long-term is not here yet. Place the spotlight on you, on you here! Right now, whilst reading this. This is your runway. Your catwalk. Your life. Re-visit the memories of yesterday but do not stay there for you will lose the path that desires to be walked today. 

Two-step your heart back into this dance that you call your life. You’ve got this, street fighter. 


Moving forward!

Moving forward doesnt mean ignoring your roadblocks. Actually, it means keeping your roadblocks, road-locked. Keep them at your side and continuing to push forward despite the barricades. 

Acknowledgement is key. Keeping your heart at your side and STICKING to the plan makes the world spin perfectly. Everything is presented to you as a gift you just need to see it under the right set of light.

The roadblocks to your hearts adventures are all found within.

1. Anger and resentment.

2. Grief and guilt.

3. Self pity.

4. Fear.

Acknowledge these things and push beyond them. Look at yourself as a mirror. Whatever you see inside of yourself is what you will attract. Be greater. Seek out greatness and push onward. 

Acknowledge. Recognize. Respect. 


Beyond our times.

​Galaxies are beyond our times. Memories are created in galactic moments and then they are gone. But: our brains still cling to the visions. Envision your life like an altitude of enchanted dreams and keep on questing.


The story.

Love escapes in forms of abrasion. But love also directs in the solititude of emotional circumstance.
What is your circumstance telling you? 


Expression: June 7th 2017

Negative thinking will be your demise if you allow it to detain you and your heart.
Refuse to lock yourself in a cage or cafe of materialistic, internal BS. 
The best way to silence your own demise would be to annihilate it with profession.
Don’t look upon your ghosts but follow your heart in the direction of the wind.
Wherever the wind will sweep you away, follow it.
Direct your heart within the directions of north and south as long as it’s between the times and the decisions of your inner soul. Soul food. Don’t forget, soul food. SOLE!!!!


Poem: Recalled

When you’re lost and out of control
Grab the grips of your gravity and release
Expense your own reports and belittle the external noise
Gravity will pull you in and bring joy to the broken parts of you.


Poem: Abused 

Memories tear at the solitude of my illusion
Defused and bruised, deterioration
Experience the depths of an abused delusion
Indulge in the mind at the pits of me.


Mental Illness+Self Care

Mental illness is the invasion of your mental stability by a lack of chemical imbalances and control.

Self care is the act of caring for ones self through a system of individual treasures.

Why did I string these two particular topics into one marvelous creation? For your soul benefit of course! This is going to be some serious food for the soul, for the spirit. Mental illness is a discovered damager. It damages your entire being. It hinders your growth, your abilities and your overall well being.. (IF YOU GIVE IT THE POWER TO.) There is no blatant cure for mental illness. But that does not mean there isn’t any hope. (YOU MUST GIVE THE POWER TO YOURSELF.) With the right amount of self-care, will-power and spirituality anything is possible.  I am living proof, a victim of mental illness myself, and I am here to tell you that the skies are the limit for you. 

If you aren’t already familiar with the ART of self care then you have come to the right place. Mental illness and self care should always go hand, in hand. Caring for one’s well-being is and should remain an inside job; it should be something we all aim to act upon. With the proper self care and the proper attitude you can achieve greatness. You can survive. You will flourish. You are good enough. Self care is our “cure.” Self care is the appreciation we deserve. It’s the abundance of love that we’ve been longing for. It’s the hug we need from our friends. I’m telling you right now that if you start a self care program, a routine, a schedule and stick to it, stick to you.. you will make it. You will achieve great things.

Here lies 17 self care tips and options! :

Speak to a general practitioner about how you are feeling on a regular basis.

Take your prescribed medications and take them to the degree that works for you. – If you don’t like looking at a bottle of pills try decorating the bottle, try moving your pills into something cuter, something prettier! Make a “self help jar” (I’ll teach you in an upcoming video!)

Involve yourself in creative expression, make whatever it is you love into an ART.

Leave little reminders around your environment that clue you into loving yourself. – I have window stickers with positive quotes I read every single morning to start me off for a good day.

Eat healthy balanced meals – better nutrition = lower stress levels = healthier, more mentally stable you.

Incorporate balance into  your lifestyle – allow yourself to feel all emotions fully. Feel anger, and feel joy in the same way.  Do it with EXPLOSION, do it with pride.

Engage yourself in a healthy exercise at least 3 times a week. – You need to get your heart pumping again. Dance, do cardiovascular activities, lift heavy weights really fast. Please: you literally need to pump and circulate newer, warmer blood into your body to feel alive again because you are depressed. Your heart needs it. You need it.

Take something ugly and make it beautiful again. – If you’re like me and you hate seeing reminders of your illness around you. Transform those reminders into something beautiful. I have a book about anger management that I hate the title. I hate reading it. So I reworded the book and now it’s tolerable. 🙂

Incorporate colour into your life. – Wearing bright colours or looking at bright colours will help you grow a positive vibe. Dark colours typically remind me of bad things because of my illness therefore I like to buy things that are bright. I have a fricken rainbow armband tattoo because it’s so vibrant and full of pride. It reminds me to smile. It also is a representation of my spirit.

Laugh often! – Watch funny videos on YouTube, watch your favourite comedian perform, god see them live! Make funny videos, prank your friends, prank your parents! Hell prank anyone! Just laugh.

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. – Eat the right nutrition, sleep when you’re tired, rant and rave to let things out of you, repeat the process.

Marry yourself. –  Commit to loving yourself for one full year. Just one year. Maintain your self care lifestyle for one full year and review the positive changes.

Get a belief system – You need to believe in something even if it’s yourself. Be your own goddamn superhero. Pick yourself up and get back into the fucking race.

Pick a spiritual path – Give your life meaning by picking a spiritual path that reaches your own heart and that motivates your spirit, your soul. If you love fitness, make that your spiritual path. Make it your passion.

Make and spread eternal love. – Be kind, do kind things and karma will reward you.

Write a list of your positive qualities.- Read it daily.

Get a mantra – “I am strong enough.” “I am smart enough.” “I am giving enough.”






Poem: Wind and Worries

With the power of the wind
Her betrayal rises to the surface
While the rivers tide exclaims
The courtesy goes astray
Murder the lances
Revive the distortion
Hearts bleed between the blind


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